Unlocking Options for the iPhone

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Why unlocking your iPhone is the best choice
Unlocking your iPhone makes the device available for use with any GSM carrier. This includes AT&T in the US, as well as T-Mobile. If you wish to use the iPhone with a local carrier, that option is only available with an unlock iPhone solution. This makes the iPhone ideal for those who like to travel a lot and may not want to go through Verizon. Using this method, you prevent a lot of roaming charges that you might otherwise have incurred. You also prevent the possibility of an early termination charge, if you wish to stop using the carrier that you’re currently with. Although, it may not be the most cost effective choice to purchase an already unlocked iPhone, for those who prefer more freedom and versatility in their device, this would be a smarter investment in the long run.

Unlocking the iPhone
If you haven’t purchased an iPhone that was already unlocked, then there are method available to unlock the iPhone yourself. In order to actually unlock the iPhone yourself, you have a few options to choose from. This is ideal to those who do not wish to pay large amounts of money, for a previously unlocked device. The first method is to do it yourself, step by step.

One of the ways that this can be accomplished (for earlier iPhone devices), is by first turning off iTunes. After disabling iTunes, open OS X’s Activity Monitor. This is located in the Utilities section of the Applications folder. Click on iTunes Helper and select the Quit Process button. At this point, make sure that you have all the available components, to complete the rest of this process. This includes your iPhone, data cable, and a solid connection to WiFi. For earlier models of the iPhone, downloading AppTapp will allow for the installation of third party apps. At that point, downloading applications such as Unlock App and Cyberduck, could benefit you in the process of manually unlocking your iPhone. There are guides that can be looked up online, which will take you through the steps of using these applications.

Why Factory Unlocks are a Smart Investment
For more earlier iPhone models, as well as more recent model types, factory unlocks are an excellent alternative, rather than figuring out how to do it yourself. They are also permanent, which means that no matter how many times you update or reset the phone, it will always remain unlocked. For this type of service, most places will charge. There is usually a small fee. For this reason, people tend to stick to “jail breaking” their iPhone, all on their own. Despite the urge to do it yourself, it’s good to keep in mind that getting it done right the first time, and keeping it that way, is the everyday Apple fan’s wisest choice.

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