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CISSE 2007, the Engineering/Computing and Systems Research E-Conference has concluded and it was another great success! CISSE is the first high-caliber Research Conference in the world to be completely conducted online in real-time via the internet. A total of 750 paper submissions were received for CISSE 2007 and the final CISSE 2007 program included 406 accepted papers, from more than 80 countries. CISSE 2006 received 690 research paper submissions, which was more than double the number of submissions for CISSE 2005, and the final program for CISSE 2006 included 370 accepted papers. The whole concept and format of CISSE was very exciting and ground-breaking. The PowerPoint presentations, final paper manuscripts and time schedule for live presentations over the web had been available prior to the start of the conference for all registrants, so they could pick and choose the presentations they want to attend and think about questions that they might want to ask. The live audio presentations were also recorded and are part of the permanent CISSE archive which includes all power point presentations, papers and recorded audio presentations. All aspects of the conference were managed on-line; not only the reviewing, submissions, and registration aspects but also the actual conference. Conference participants - authors, presenters and attendees - only needed an internet connection and sound available on their computers in order to be able to contribute and participate in this Read more [...]