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Review sites are a big help when it comes to deciding

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Whether you are looking for products or services, you probably already know that trying to make the right buying decision can be hard work. How come? There are just so many choices to choose from. From different online merchants offering a broad range of products to service providers with multi-tiered lists of offerings, it is too easy to get caught up in all the details. All these options claim to be the ‘best’ choice. Talk about frustrating. Instead of being happy that you have freedom of choice when it comes to options, you might be tempted to throw your hands up in the air and wish you had some freedom from choice. This is why most online showers naturally flock to review sites or review blog posts when making purchasing decisions. Reviews can go a long way in helping you make a truly informed decision. Here are the key reasons why review sites offer tremendous help for people who a trying to make buying decisions.

Familiar Format

Unlike essays that tend to have a wide variation in format and writing style, product or service reviews  tend to stick to a familiar format. Once you have read a product or service review, you can pretty much bet that other reviews will follow a similar format. If you read enough reviews, you can develop a quick pattern of focusing in on the information you need and process as many reviews as quickly. This ‘standard’ content approach goes a long way in appealing to the typical consumer who probably has to scan through several reviews before they can make a decision Review sites that follow the format have a higher chance of getting returning visitors because of their familiar format.

Review Sites Did your Homework For You


The biggest value review sites offer is that they did all the research for you. They gathered alternative models, products, or services. They thought through the key considerations people who are looking to buy a particular product or service would think about when trying to make a choice. They researched each option and listed the product or service’s features. Reviews also went through the effort and time to fully list out Reviews by usersthe advantages and disadvantages of each alternative option.

The better known review sites are YelpBetter Business Buro but often you may find better succes with smaller more niche targetted review sites. Vistaprintcoupons for example offers user generated reviews on the vistaprint printing service, and their deals, discounts and printing on demand services.

Review Sites Often Compare Among Different Options

In addition to gathering all the information you need to make a decision, review sites also often offer different alliterative options to a particular model. For example, you are in the market for a new bread maker. You check out a review site that lists 5 different bread maker brands and models. The most developed and sophisticated review sites would also compare these 5 different brands and models to alternative models within the same brand. This gives readers a lot more choice but also gives them more information that they can use to see if certain alternatives carried by the same brand makes more sense in their specific situation.

Review Sites Focus On Key Buying Considerations

Review sites don’t just do your homework for you, oftentimes, they also do the heavy mental lifting work of doing your analysis for you. Instead of you having to figure out what a wide range of brands and models have in common, very informative and competent review sites zero in on the key considerations you should have when looking for the right model and uses that uniform set of considerations. Good review sites would use this common body of considerations to size each alternative option up.

Review Sites Often Balance Different Key Buying Factors

While it is good to know the range of considerations you should have when looking to buy a product or service, you also need to know how to weigh these different considerations. Really helpful review sites do this because they often balance different considerations against each other. This is important because different buyers have different needs and will be using products and services under different circumstances. Well-written and very valuable review sites give you enough information so you can quickly re-order or juggle the different considerations in your mind to match your particular needs and situation. This goes a long way in creating a tight fit between the product or service you finally decide on and your actual needs. You maximize the value of your money if you do this. Good review sites are written in such a way that you can easily re-order or rearrange buying factors to line up with your particular needs.

Fake Or Low-Quality Review Sites Are Easy To Spot

Another great reason for using review sites to find information that can help you make buying decisions is the fact that good and real review sites are hard to fake. If you read enough high-quality product and service reviews, you can easily spot low value or fraudulent review sites. This is very important since many affiliate marketers exploit the review format to get their site visitors to buy products or services off their affiliate links. This is bad news for the end user because the interest of the page creator is not the same as the interest of the end user. The end user just wants to buy the right product or service. The page creator wants to make affiliate commissions. Review sites that suffer from a conflict of interest are traps for consumers because these pages don’t necessarily have their best interest in mind.

The great news about review sites is that low quality or fraudulent review sites are very easy to spot. You only need to look for the following: affiliate links on the main product links, completely positive or one-sided reviews, no substantial negative reviews, very limited selection of products, and no alternative product or service options. Another dead giveaway regarding low value or bogus review sites is that there is no content feedback from other users. Legitimate review sites create a two-way conversation with the site’s community so feedback from users actually add value to the reviews.

If you are stumped as to which product or service option to buy, you only need to read online reviews for you to the get facts you need to truly make an informed decision. You worked hard for your money. The least you can do is take the time and effort to research information that can steer you into the right buying decision.


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